Bill Busbice poaching... shame, shame, shame!

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by RK53, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. RK53

    RK53 Member

    Can't believe the man did something like that. You have to own up to your mistakes. This is a black eye that he deserves to wear. I'm glad he's getting some shitty press for this.
  2. The Woodsman

    The Woodsman New Member

    Saw this. What a shithead.
  3. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    You have to own up to your mistakes. Unfortunately Mr. Busbice didn't do this. He will pay for it and won't be able to hunt in multiple states thanks to a reciprocal penalty system that's in place. He also has to fork out like $23,000 in fines I believe. Hopefully he learned his lesson.
  4. Fuzz

    Fuzz Member

    He is losing sponsors as he should. Ignorant MF.
  5. JohnnyArchery

    JohnnyArchery New Member

    It's amazes me that people like him found their way to the top somehow. No respect for that calf he shot.

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