Can you shed hunting in forest preserves?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by WillCo_SLAYER, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. WillCo_SLAYER

    WillCo_SLAYER Member

    Im in Illinois and am curious if I'll get busted shed hunting forest preserves..... I pay the damn taxes so I think I should be able to go!!!!!:confused:
  2. Panick

    Panick Legend of the Woods

    As far as I'm aware cook and will are a no, however that doesn't stop alot of people. Keep them out of site and you should be good
  3. Nick Anderson

    Nick Anderson Member

    What Panick said.
  4. Yeah, exactly. That doesn't stop lots of people, you should not go.
  5. Panick

    Panick Legend of the Woods

    ; )
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  6. The antlers belong to the squirrels. Let the squirrels have them. Without the nutrients from the antlers what would the squirrels eat? It's just plain nuts!
  7. Panick

    Panick Legend of the Woods

    Makes about as much sense as sharp shooting over bait piles.grrrrrrrrr
  8. Yeah because deer can't transmit diseases over bait piles. SMH. Frickin strokes

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