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Discussion in 'All Things Archery' started by Iyanna, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    I’m thinking of buying a new bow seeing as i live far away from any bow shop of note were i can actually hold and test some of the many bows on the market I have resorted to asking questions and watching videos

    Seeming as everyone loves all the bows and there’s never any negative feedback I was hoping someone could make a list of some pros and cons on some of the 2016 bows

    i am thinking of ordering either the Obsession Defcon 6 or the Bear escape how did you guys like them?

    and i was hoping for a recommendation on what to buy or maybe if you have any additional bows you would recommend?

    i do mostly 3D archery and some hunting mostly deer and some moose

    im looking for a speed bow that isn't to hash
    Many thanks from sweden

    Iyanna Nadomi

    P.s yes i am a woman no i am not short 180cm (5,9)(28 reach) and my normal bow is a 60 pound draw hoyt deviator
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  2. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member


    This is a tough question to answer due to so many variables. I think it comes down to what kind of draw cycle you're comfortable with. I'll think about this a little more later and come up with a suggestion, but I would stress that you should test shoot a bow that you are thinking of purchasing. I'll contact a female (accomplished) shooter today and have her chime in too. Thanks for the question. Hope all is well in Sweden.

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  3. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    the biggest problem with acualy trying out the bows in question is 13 houers one way by car to get to the closest proshop that lets me touch a bow or buy something from a poorly stocked swedish store
    worst is i don't know what i want since i barely touched anything modern made in the last 6 years or so i tried a Bear don't even know the model and i liked that one. and obbsession bows looks nice
    i love and appreciate any help anyone can give me even if its just a sudjestion.
    my current bow is failing in so many ways draw cycle is jerky and not very smooth i changed cams on it several times and limbs ones so repair i feel just not an option anymore
    since i feel hunting should be done with the best and most humane gear possible i have refrained from going on any bowhunting trips for the last two years cause of it

    everything is very well in sweden finaly spring is here i was getting tired of snow hope everything is good for you too
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  4. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    so much for my old bow it "exploded" today no worries im ok except for a purple snake bruise on my cheek (no idea what you call it in english) from the string i was running the 3d course and the screw for the top limbs broke in two on the 6th target the bow is pretty much gone and ready for burial a friend got me a replacement for the rest of the course but new bow with much lower poundage and shorter draw made an awefull combination and i lost two arrows to the magical gremlin that lives under the moss and eats arrows
    hope everyone had a better day then me :D
  5. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear about the bad luck! Cindy Lavendar and or Krissy Knox will probably comment on some good bows. I did pull up the Bowtech Eva Shockey bow and think it may be a decent option. Adjustable draw length and adjustable draw cycle (power shift technology). Krissy should be able to give her 2 cents on this bow. Here's a link.

    Hopefully others will comment on this post for ya. Good luck!!
  6. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    that bow looks realy nice have you tried it?
  7. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    has anyone had any personal experiense with Obsession Defcon 6 or the Bear escape? negative or possitive ?
    do write to me privately if you don't want your opinion told to anyone i promiss to keep yours secret :D
  8. Krissy Knox

    Krissy Knox New Member


    I can't say enough good things about the BowTech Eva Shockey is my favorite bow of all time!! It sounds like you have a longer draw length, and prefer to pull more poundage, both of which are available in the Eva Shockey Signature Series. And especially in your case, where you may have to purchase without shooting, the draw length is fully adjustable from 23.5 to 28.5 inches without changing cams.

    * Carbon Riser - Lightweight for packing on hunts
    *Overdrive Binary Cams - for speed and extreme tuneability that will not fall out of tune
    * Power Flip Disc - Draw Cycle can be adjusted for both "Performance" (faster, more aggressive draw cycle) and "Comfort" (about 10 FPS slower bust still fast, with a smoother and easier draw) by just a quick flip of a disc on the cams.
    *Well balanced with no hand shock

    * Mass Weight - I suppose if you are primarily a target archer, the one con may be the lower mass weight of the carbon riser. You may need a heavier stabilizer out front if that is something that is important to you for 3D Shoots.

    I am shooting this bow for the second year in a row, and absolutely love it! Because I do shoot for BowTech, I can't really give you direct comparison details on too many other women's bows out there. They are all great, and in an ideal situation, I'd have you shoot them all and let the bow pick you. But sight unseen, I can say I represent BowTech because I believe in the quality of their products 100%, otherwise I wouldn't feel right promoting them. So if I had to pick one bow to blindly ship to you, the Eva would be it! Please feel free to ask me any questions. We have several other bows out this year as well, if there are different options you're looking for. I'm happy to help anyway I can. Hunt Happy!!
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  9. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    thank you for your reply Krissy helps me a lot!
    ill be completly honest i can't say i understand what makes a womans bow a womans bow except it was designed by a woman i been shooting a "mans" bows for a long time and mostly when someone says its a womans bow i feel slightly sceptical cause its usaly a somewhat weak toy that a man thinks a weak woman should be using
    i understand that eva shockeys bow is diffrent and that bowtech seem to be taking women in archery seriously but i still feel slightly sceptical if you understand and some what afraid i will not be taken as serious if i showup using a womans bow not trying to be rude or ungratefull but thats a bit how i feel.
    but everyone keeps talking about it so warmly im allmost convinced but there is one problem how do i even find a european dealer that stocks it :D
    bowtech's find a dealer button doesent realy work for international online stores i been looking but but can't find it anywere i guess i could ask but i don't know what store can easly get a hold of it i not too keen on waiting 8 weeks life without archery is dull and full of work
  10. Krissy Knox

    Krissy Knox New Member

    I completely understand your skepticism, as in the past, a women's bow may have been a cheaper built bow. However, in today's archery market, I believe it's finally understood that women want their bows to do everything a man's does, just as well. The primary difference today, and especially in the Eva Shockey, is that the draw length adjustability goes short enough to account for smaller women archers. The technology in the Eva is based directly from our men's bows. I actually know a few men with shorter draw lengths that are shooting the Eva Shockey because of the quality and the fit. Since you have a longer draw length, you are probably able to shoot any bow built as a "man's bow". Our newest bow, the BT-X, is another great option. It offers two different cams for draw length (25.5-28inches and 27-31 inches), so it fits almost all archers. I have this bow, and I have shot both my Eva and my BT-X side by side at 51 pounds on the "Comfort" setting with a 375 grain arrow, and the speed was identical at 255 FPS (IBO would be about 350 for both bows) Please feel free to compare the two bow specs on the BowTech Archery website to compare mass weight, options, etc. I love my BT-X, I just prefer the Eva because I do a lot of backcountry hunting, and I like the carbon riser to cut weight. However, the BT-X is so stable and a great shooter!

    Let me do a little research and get in touch with someone that can see if there's a dealer in your vicinity. I will get back to you on that part. In the meantime, let me know if you have any other questions about any of the bows! Have a great day, Iyanna!
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  11. Cindy Lavender

    Cindy Lavender New Member

    Hi Lyanna,

    I have always shot "mens" bows too (Mathews DXT, Mathews Drenalin, New Breed Lycan, Elite GT500, Bowtech Equalizer, etc), but manufacturers are making equal quality women's bows now, but I agree with you, you don't want a bow made for kids/women that is not the high end bow you may be looking for. I know that Bowtech, Mathews, Elite, have stepped up on the quality of bows made for women.

    I own several bows now (compound and traditional). I have a 25" draw and Martin'Archery had to make modifications on their 2015 Lithium LTD in order to fit me. It shoots spot on when I take it to the practice range at 20, 30, and 40 yards. I was actually very impressed with this bow when I got it, and wasn't a big fan of Martin bows until after they were bought out and changed the whole executive team as well as having my good friend on board as their bow designer - he did a fantastic job!

    I also have a 2015 bow made my Elite Archery (Spirit) which has been very enjoyable to shoot as well. It has a very solid back wall at full draw and I have found it to shoot very consistently.

    I wish you did have an opportunity to shoot a few to see what feels best. For the investment you are making into a new bow, I'd plan a road trip out to that archery shop with the possibility of purchasing one. That is the route I would go. What works for one person may not work for another. I am not sure if you work on your own bows, but you may already need to go anyway to have that bow adjusted and tuned anyway.

    What I do is read/research/reviews - on the bow you are interested in and see what you find - there are a lot of great bows out there! In my opinion, if I were you, I would plan on that road trip! Good luck!

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  12. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    hi everyone and thank you
    the longer draw and the easy reach for thouse high shelves is probebly the only thing good too come out of my heigt ;)
    thank you very much Krissy much appreciated

    i think bowtech need a store in northen sweden Krissy i would buy all my bows there j/k ofcourse :D
    you gals would love it here allmost endless forests to bad our laws are odd when it comes to hunting reason i learned to shoot 60 pounds is not cause i am a viking of a woman but cause the Trial hunting with bow were alowed requires it. Alot of gym and alot of shooting before i could make the trial it as a woman
  13. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    i have finaly made up my mind im buying a bowtech bt-x31 i found a dealer in sweden that has it :D
    now i just need to pick a stabb that works i could use my old one but well its a bit long for our forest track and hunting with it feels like it gets caught in everything so i have to remove it for trecking and thats just not working well
    im allso getting a new release and probebly new arrows why does this allways endup costing an arm and a leg lol
    may i ask what kind of stabb and release you gals and boys like?
    maybe a bowtech recommendation *Wink* :D
    and thank you everyone for your support

    Many hugs and kisses from
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  14. Iyanna

    Iyanna Member

    well i know what kind of bow i want that was never realy an issue problem was how to choose a brand when i shot basicly none of them.
    i allso am not convinced lighter is allways better since lightweight bows might have other undesirble characteristics for 3D what i usaly shoot
    i want a stable platform for many ranges i allso want a highspeed bow cause i do hunt and i want the best kinetic energy i can manage as a woman
    so a bow that middle ground is preferd since i rather not get a bunch of diffrent bows that would be expensive and i know my self if i love one bow
    more then another i whont shoot the one i like less no matter if it perfect for target archery or not.
    the bowtech BT-X seems to be that choise i done extensive research on it and i seems it has alot of what i desire!
    to be fair it might not even matter much when i put a few 1000 arrows trough it i dout im going to be dissapointed, technology has moved so fast since my old bow was made
    i think all new bows going to be unfamiliar and im going to hate them at first but i will learn new drawcurves and peculiarites for my new bow and then i am going to be
    just as good with it as my old one might even be better :D
  15. Krissy Knox

    Krissy Knox New Member

    Hi, Iyanna, I apologize for my late response! I'm so happy you found a dealer, and I think the BT-X is a great choice after hearing what you like and don't like in a bow. It is a very stable shooter, I plan to use mine for 3D as well, as it is so solid and balanced. I admire your drive to be able to bow hunt and shoot...good for you! Let us know how it goes!

    As for arrows and releases, I shoot the Carbon Express Mayhem Hot Pursuit 150s (but you of course would want a different spine strength shooting 60 pounds). They are awesome arrows! But there are several brands out there I would highly recommend...Easton Axis, Victory, or Gold Tip are also just as tough with great quality. I'm currently shooting the Tru-Ball Max 4 Thumb Release, I began shooting with this last year and hunted with it last season....Love it! I also still have my traditional trigger release, a Scott Little Bitty Goose. I've had it going on 10 years, and its always a good choice. It's more what's comfortable to you. When you go get your bow, I'd try a couple different release to see what you like.

    Best of luck to you on your purchase and set up!!! I will try to check back more often in case you have any questions and to see how it's going.

    Have a wonderful day, Hunt Happy!


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