Crossbow recommendation?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 12 Ringer, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. 12 Ringer

    12 Ringer Member

    I see the site's started posting about crossbows. What's really the best one out there for someone on a lower budget? I don't wanna spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but I'd like to see what the ruckus is all about.
  2. clefmeister

    clefmeister Member

    You could go with Barnett, since they're doing much better about quality control these days. My favorite low-budget x-bow, though, is a Wicked Ridge. They're made by TenPoint, and live up to the TenPoint standards. They just aren't made with all the high-tech innovation that the TenPoint brand itself has.

    DOESLAYER New Member

    Thanks for that, clefmeister! I been thinking about getting a crossbow, too. But I don't wanna spend an arm and a leg for one. I just might pick up the WR Invader G3 as an early Christmas present ;)
  4. Bowgirl

    Bowgirl Member

  5. Elkoholic

    Elkoholic Member

    I've always gotten good use out of Horton, but I think they went out of business.

    PSEFANBOY Member

    PSE has started making pretty decent x-bows, from what I've heard. Never gotten into x-bow shooting.
  7. ajsullivan

    ajsullivan Member

    Yeah, Horton went under and got bought up by TenPoint. The name is still around as Horton Crossbow Innovations, and they've opened back up their shop in Mogadore, Ohio. Owned by TenPoint, but melding that company's experience with the Horton traditions. I'm expecting terrific things out of 'em.
  8. clefmeister

    clefmeister Member

    I've tried out some of the new Horton Crossbow Innovations x-bows, and they're nothing short of fantastic. TenPoint is marketing them as their mid-level crossbows, but I'd argue they rival some of the models with the actual TenPoint brand name on them.
  9. 2BladeRage

    2BladeRage Member

    I picked up the Wicked Ridge Invader G3, and love it so far. Just want to make sure I'm not going to damage it by keeping it cocked all the time when I'm hunting? Any thoughts on that?

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