DIY armguards and fingertabs?

Discussion in 'All Things Archery' started by ajsullivan, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. ajsullivan

    ajsullivan Member

    When I was in Scouts, we used to make our own arm guards and fingertabs. What's better, a DIY solution for that or to buy one already made? I'm happy with the ones I can make out of leather myself, but am I missing out on important safety or accuracy concerns by not buying something that's supposedly been heavily researched and designed?
  2. clefmeister

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    It all depends on you. Are your scores consistent and reflective of your skill level using the DIY accessories? They should be, unless you're doing something off in the sewing process and your finger tabs are slipping. For arm guards, it doesn't really matter, anyways. Go with whatever you're most comfortable with. As long as you're happy with your performance, there's no need to buy something you're capable of making yourself. Those accessories are manufactured and sold for those who can't or won't make their own, and there's nothing terribly special about them from a safety or accuracy standpoint.

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