Grilled Venison wrapped in bacon

Discussion in 'Butcher Block And Kitchen' started by Bull, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Bull

    Bull New Member

    This is my go to recipe.

    1. Cut backstraps into small strips
    2. Marinate in Italian dressing overnight
    3. Wrap in thick cut bacon. Keep with toothpick.
    4. Grill over charcoal until the bacon looks golden brown and perfect.
    5. Drink beer and enjoy.
    I found that charcoal is a must because of the Italian dressing flaring up. If you use a gas grill, kill a burner and cook with indirect heat to avoid the flames from hell.

    Hope this helps!!


    Spot on man. I use lawrys steak and chips marinade for it though. Yes on the flames from hell. You'll call in Indians with the smoke signals from the marinade and bacon.
  3. coontrapper

    coontrapper New Member

    Making me hungry!

    HAWKEYE New Member

    I prefer a dry rub for 24 and slow grilled over a bit of smoke
  5. Bowgirl

    Bowgirl Member

    I've had this before and its excellent!!
  6. Thumb Billy

    Thumb Billy Member

    I've smoked it like that... turns out fantastic
  7. Elkoholic

    Elkoholic Member

    What kind of wood do you use T Billy?
  8. Thumb Billy

    Thumb Billy Member

  9. MADDOG Tannen

    MADDOG Tannen Member

    I'm gettin hungry! Come on October 1st!
  10. Mikefism

    Mikefism Member

    Amazing recipe! Haven't tasted venison in a while.

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