How to aim with a recurve - Different techniques?

Discussion in 'All Things Archery' started by ILdeerhunter56, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. ILdeerhunter56

    ILdeerhunter56 New Member

    What do you Trad guys do when aiming with a recurve? I have my index finger above the arrow and next two fingers below. I shoot with a glove. What's the deal with walking the string and eyeball shooting? What's best?
  2. Fuzz

    Fuzz Member

    I just draw it and shoot. Just second nature man. Unleash your inner Indian!
  3. clefmeister

    clefmeister Member

    Go with whatever feels the most natural to you. If you're getting tight patterns consistently after a few good practice sessions, then you're on the right track. I don't shoot with a glove (I use finger tabs instead), but I also tend to keep my index finger above the arrow and the next two fingers below it.

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