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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Nick Anderson, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Nick Anderson

    Nick Anderson Member

    I know this is an archery site, but I figure hunting is hunting, whether you're using a bow or a rifle. You gotta field dress that buck after you take it down. So, what's everyone liking for hunting and/or dressing knives? Any preference? I'm looking at getting a Ka-Bar Becker BK7, but I'm afraid it might be too big for field dressing. Thoughts?
  2. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    You can get the job done with that but most of my field dressing knives have blades around 4 inches in length. That knife you mentioned has a 7 inch blade which is overkill.
  3. JCooper

    JCooper Member

    Check out Havalon knives for a good field dressing knife. Replaceable blades like a surgeon's scalpel. Must have for elk hunting IMO.


    Any cheap ass fixed blade works. Just make sure it's sharp. Slippery handles are something to watch out for that's why I avoid folders.
  5. Thumb Billy

    Thumb Billy Member

    I picked up a outdoor edge with the replaceable blades last year... great field dressing knife!!
  6. Nick Anderson

    Nick Anderson Member

    Sweet Billy, got any pics of em? Looking for a good knife for elk hunting. Thanks man!
  7. Thumb Billy

    Thumb Billy Member

    It's the razor lite made by outdoor edge.
  8. ajsullivan

    ajsullivan Member

    Havalon Baracuta is a great option IMO

  9. WillCo_SLAYER

    WillCo_SLAYER Member

    All blades can be sharpened so I wouldn't get too crazy on blade qual. You need it 1-6 times a season depending on how many deer or elk you field dress.

    I'd be more concerned with ergonomics and how likely you'll be to lose your grip while wrist deep in blood. Just my two cents.
  10. AlbertS

    AlbertS New Member

    Hello, friends! was in Russia on hunting in this year. Used the Agency POWERINHUNT. No problem! I brought home a bear! Tell me, did someone address them?
  11. Mikefism

    Mikefism Member

    "Used the Agency POWERINHUNT. No problem!"

    I'll take note of this. Thanks!

    By the way, just in case anyone’s interested, my contact is selling a wheel and tire package. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.
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  12. Kara Robert

    Kara Robert New Member

    Cold steel master hunter in 3v has been mentioned, not made in USA but a good one. Or LT Wright in AEBL, northern hunter?

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