Paper tuning jig

Discussion in 'All Things Archery' started by Slinger64, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Slinger64

    Slinger64 New Member

    Whats an economical and easy to use system?
  2. Slinger64

    Slinger64 New Member

    To be put in a basement. Ceiling is 8'
  3. FiremanBill

    FiremanBill New Member

    I get a kraft roll about 18 inches, take out the plastic center insert/axle so that its bottom heavy and wont freespool, and I hang it from a 3/4 inch conduit.

    You'll need something to keep it tight so use binder clips or rat traps for weight at the bottom. Easy to use and awesome.

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  4. yotedown

    yotedown Member

    I've had a metal frame that I clip newspapers to but it's tedious.
  5. JCooper

    JCooper Member

    I'm with Fireman Bill. I don't use a kraft roll though, I get newspaper stock but hang the same way. I use binder clips to keep it tight.
  6. A A Ron

    A A Ron Member

    Is newspaper stick the best kind of paper for paper tuning?

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