Shoulder Surgery and Archery

Discussion in 'Competitive Archery' started by Corey Haas, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    Well, I finally had it done... had shoulder surgery. It has been messed up from sports and work over the last 18 years. Definitely hasn't gotten any better. Figured might as well get it done at 40 vs 60... Here's a breakdown of what happened..

    Prior to the surgery, the MRI showed:
    • 80% tear in rotator cuff
    • 30% slap tear in labrum
    • Partial tear in bicep's tendon
    During the surgery, it was discovered that the MRI showed a false report on the rotator cuff but there was still a small tear in it. It not being torn 80% is huge plus as this would have been a tough healer...

    The only procedure that was done was the cutting of the bicep's tendon and anchoring it into the shoulder and cleaning up of the labrum, rotator cuff and bone spurs.

    I will let you know how it all heal ups! Does anyone have any experience with shoulder problems? How did it turn out?

  2. Fuzz

    Fuzz Member

    Heal soon. Prayers!!
  3. WillCo_SLAYER

    WillCo_SLAYER Member

    Good luck. Long slow recovery. My brother had the same thing done and was back doing pull-ups at 5 months. Have patience!
  4. A A Ron

    A A Ron Member

    How is the shoulder? How many weeks out are you?
  5. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Aaron, it was 6 weeks Thursday. Had an appointment actually. All is well. Need to start strengthening the rotator cuff now.

    Thanks for the get well wishes
  6. Squirrel

    Squirrel Member

    You're almost at the turning point. I had the same procedure done as well as some bone shaving. Pain should get better for ya the next two weeks.

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