Venison Recipes

Discussion in 'Butcher Block And Kitchen' started by DoubleLunger, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. DoubleLunger

    DoubleLunger Member

    Anything wrapped in bacon is good :)
  2. coontrapper

    coontrapper New Member

    Im no gourmet but ground venison and hamburger helper makes a great meal :)
  3. Bowgirl

    Bowgirl Member

    Lol coontrapper. We've had that many times :)
  4. Bowgirl

    Bowgirl Member

    Whats all your favorite recipes? I like to marinate my back straps in Allegro and wrap them with bacon/toothpick. Then grill over charcoal. YUMMMMMY!:cool:
  5. Panick

    Panick Legend of the Woods

    Wrapped in bacon is good..I also like them in a cast iron skillet with onions and wild mushrooms.
  6. The Woodsman

    The Woodsman New Member

    Reverse cooking. Oven then sear. Nothing better.

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