Whats the best way to tune your bow?

Discussion in 'All Things Archery' started by Disco Don, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Disco Don

    Disco Don New Member

    Just picked up a used Drenalin. What's best? Paper tune?
  2. 12 Ringer

    12 Ringer Member

    Hey Disco.

    I like to start with a paper tune and then go to walkback tune. Final step would be broadhead tune. You can (in some cases) bypass paper and walkback tuning by bareshaft tuning and then broadhead tuning. Bottom line is you want the arrow leaving the bow as true as it can. Good luck. I know there are some good articles in the archery101 section of this site.
  3. Corey Haas

    Corey Haas Administrator Staff Member

    I'm with Disco. Bareshaft will normally save a ton of time but if you don't have a bareshaft then "what Disco said".

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