What's the biggest purse in comp. archery?

Discussion in 'Competitive Archery' started by Gotts, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Gotts

    Gotts New Member

    As the title says. How much can one make with one win? Thanks!!
  2. 12 Ringer

    12 Ringer Member

    I know the OPA Summit Invitational pays out around $30K for 1st. The Vegas shoot pays a top prize of $46.5K. These two are the biggest payouts that I know of. Keep in mind that the sponsors pretty much match on average.
  3. 12 Ringer

    12 Ringer Member

    That is depending on the amount of sponsors and their guaranteed payout.

    HAWKEYE New Member

    Overall the purses are so small it's not worth it. I mean the one tournament in Frances payout wouldn't even cover airfare.
  5. BBD1984

    BBD1984 Member

    IMG_8388.JPG Levi Morgan just pulled in some big numbers!
  6. Thumb Billy

    Thumb Billy Member

    Shooting a bow for a living..... Its a thing of beauty!!
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  7. yotedown

    yotedown Member

    Heard that's getting a lot tougher these days. Caught Dave Cousins on bowjunkies youtube and he pretty much told young people considering getting into competitive shooting to pretty much not bother. I really don't agree with him. He is just burnt out IMO

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