Block 6×6 Archery Target Review [images, videos, testing]

Block 6x6 archery targetEvery responsible archer should have a portable target that they can practice with. In today’s review we are going to look at the Block 6×6 archery target. The Block 6×6 target is fairly lightweight for it’s size and offers extremely easy arrow removal. The Block 6×6 measures in at 18x18x16 inches and weighs in at just over 15 lbs. It is constructed with Block’s polyfusing layered foam technology and is capable of stopping all arrows whether they are tipped with field points or broadheads. We put the Block 6×6 archery target to the test and have some excellent data to share!

The Build of the Block 6×6 Archery Target

weight block 6x6The Block 6×6 is a six sided target is light brown in color and features 9 black spots and a deer silhouette to shoot. This target is lightweight thanks in part to Block’s polyfusion technology and weighs in at just over 15 lbs. This polyfusion technology has created a proven target build over the years and can easily stop all field points and broadheads.

The Block 6×6 target is a six sided target and offers quality spots to shoot at on 4 sides. You’ll notice in the picture below that the top of the target has a self adhesive label (which is meant to be left on) and the bottom is a plain target face that shows molding marks. After shooting this target, I’ll say that I find the design of the spots (black on tan), on the 4 printed sides, easier to zero in on compared to other, more expensive targets.

target faces

Per Block’s instructions, in order to not compromise the layered foam construction, you should only shoot broadheads (fixed or expandable) into the top and bottom of the target. Following these instructions will extend the life of the target if you decide to use the target for broadheads.

Performance of the Block 6×6 Archery Target

In the following paragraphs, we will look at the stopping power of the Block 6×6, force needed to remove arrows, and a closeup look at arrow impact damage to the target.

block 6x6 arrow stopping

Stopping power of the Block 6×6 Target

In this test, we shot the Block 6×6 with a 370 grain arrow at 320 feet per second (delivering 84 ft/lbs of kinetic energy) at 10 yards.

Arrow Penetration into the Block 6×6 Archery Target
1st Shot13.6 inches of penetration
2nd Shot13.4 inches of penetration
3rd Shot13.5 inches of penetration

The arrows we used in our test penetrated 84% of the target. With this information plugged into our arrow stopping formula, we give the Block 6×6 target an arrow stopping rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

Arrow Removal Data

Like we stated earlier, Block’s polyfusion layered technology delivers on very easy arrow removal. To measure the force needed to remove an arrow, we used a digital scale and tied it to the arrow with a series of clove and half hitches. We then removed the arrow while recording peak pulling weight in pounds. Let’s take a look at the data.

removing arrows

Arrow Removal measured in pounds of pull
1st removal20 lbs. of pull
2nd removal24 lbs. of pull
3rd removal22 lbs. of pull

The arrows were very easy to remove from the target. With the data we gathered plugged into our “Arrow removal formula” we give the Block 6×6 target an arrow removal score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Arrow Impact Damage to the Block 6×6 Target

Here is a look at some arrow impacts to the Block 6×6.

impact of arrow block 6x6

The outer layer of the Block 6×6 did “heal” itself to a certain extent, but there clearly was irreversible damage that occurred. Cosmetically, this can lead to an issue, but the outer layer is mainly just that, cosmetic. The interior layered foam construction of the 6×6 can withstand shot after shot without the damage seen in the outer layer. With the interior and exterior materials durability factored in, we give the Block 6×6 an impact damage resistance score of 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Summary of the Block 6×6 Archery Target

The Block 6×6 archery target is a great lightweight and portable target for any archer to use throughout the year. Coming in at around or under $140 in price, it’s an extremely affordable solution. Depending on how many times you shoot it with broadheads, the Block 6×6 target should last you for many years. For more information on the Block 6×6 and other Block targets, visit their website at

Block 6x6 Target Scores
  • Target weight/portability
  • Shootable sides & spots
  • Arrow stopping power
  • Ease of arrow removal
  • Interior/Exterior impact damage resistance
  • Target life
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