Hunting 101

Welcome to Hunting 101. Hunting has been the most important part of human survival for the last 2 million years.(1) In today’s world, hunting is an enjoyable pastime and is really one of the only ways to obtain fresh organic meat. When you harvest an animal while hunting, you do not have to worry about antibiotics, hormones or steroids like you get when you shop at a grocery store. In addition to providing healthy eating for individuals, hunting is also a very important tool when it comes to population control with many animals that lack natural predators.

What kind of hunting can I do? How do I learn how to hunt? How can I hunt safely?  

This section of our website was created to answer these questions and to help people succeed in our sport of hunting. Below you will find sections many different types of hunting. Each section will include valuable tips on how to successfully hunt that particular animal and information on safe hunting practices. After certain sections there will even be information on processing harvested game.

hunter safetyHunter Safety

The most important skill a hunter can possess is knowing how to hunt safely. Having an excellent knowledge of hunter safety will help to ensure that you continue to enjoy hunting for many years. Many people put in the time when researching how to successfully hunt a particular animal, but how many people fully understand how to hunt safely?

Our section on hunter safety is a one page, information filled resource that will help bring you home safely. We consider it the most important page on this website; please give it a look.

deer huntingDeer Hunting

White-tailed deer hunting is one of the most challenging sports to participate in. A deer has an unbelievable set of senses and instincts that make them very difficult to harvest.

Visit the sections below to learn more about the animal and techniques that will increase your chances of success in the field.

White-tailed Deer Info

Deer Hunting Strategies

Finding your downed Deer

After the kill – How to process your deer

turkey huntingTurkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a double seasoned sport that can take place in the spring and the fall. Wild turkey provide as excellent table fare and can be found in every state except for Alaska (2).

Whether you want to bowhunt or gun hunt turkey, check out the pages below for tips that will I create your success turkey hunting this season.

Elk Hunting

Elk are one of the largest land mammals that we can hunt in North America. Hunting this  beautiful herbivore offers an outstanding adventure no matter what state you hunt.

elk hunting

From the sheer size of a bull elk to the bone chilling bugle, you will never forget your first encounter with this animal. Check out our links below to learn about elk and the strategies used to harvest them.

coyote huntingCoyote Hunting

The wiley Coyote is one of the most adaptive animals on earth with a population that seems to thrive regardless of  human development. Coyotes can be found in all 50 states, Mexico and Central America.

With a keen sense of sight, smell, and hearing they are one of the toughest animals to hunt. Check out our sections below to get the advantage on this challenging predator.


chris dunlapBroadheads 101

Not all broadheads are created equal. One thing is certain, broadhead choice is one of the most debated topics in the bowhunting world. In this section, join Chris Dunlap and Chris White as they:

  • Explain a little about the anatomy of a broadhead
  • Summarize broadhead research that has been done in the past by Dr. Ashby
  • Test and publish the results from their unique broadhead tests

After reading this section, you should be well informed on the different types of broadheads, their advantages, and the current broadheads that penetrate the best. Enjoy!

Broadhead University

  • The anatomy of a broadhead
  • Dr. Ashby’s studies on broadheads
  • Our thoughts on broadhead design

Our Broadhead Tests

  • How we perform our broadhead tests
  • Fixed blade broadhead tests
  • Mechanical broadhead test

Hunting Equipment



Bowfishing becomes more popular as the years go by. What kinds of bowfishing are there? How do I get into bowfishing? Visit the pages below for the answers to these questions.


morel mushroomsMorel Mushroom Hunting

Going to hit the woods this spring in search of the tasty morel mushroom? Check out our morel mushroom hunting tips page below!

maitake mushroom huntingMaitake Mushroom Hunting

Every fall, this tasty and medicinal mushroom graces the oak woods. Learn from some of our tips and you too can be the beneficiary of this fall treat!