Cambow Bow Sling System


This review is on Alpine Innovation’s latest greatest product for the bowhunting world, the Cambow Bow Sling System. The Cambow bow sling is lightweight, can stay attached during a shot, and uses a patented limb loop technology which makes the bow’s riser support the bow’s weight instead of the delicate cams.

Our experience with the Cambow Bow Sling System

cambowAs I opened up the box, I felt like a 16 year old getting lost in a bra for the first time. This contraption just dumbfounded me. Corey and I just looked at one another and stared… We both agreed that I should look it up online and figure this thing out.

Well after about 2 seconds online I realized I had something in common with that 16 year old version of myself; this can be done with one hand!

A simple elastic band straps over the limb pockets, a protective cover goes over the cams all connected with an adjustable sling. This cambow is just flat out slick to use. The lack of plastic clips and zippers from some other brands is a definite plus, the sling can go on or off in a blink of an eye.

The one negative to this product is that it is not a one size fits all kind of product, it is a one size fits most kind of deal. This is my only gripe, as someone who gets ousted by the one size fits “most” deal more often than not.

This product works fantastically with what is now a common axel to axel length bow. The problem is that the bow I primarily use all summer long is 38’ ATA and this sling will not fit it. So if you are looking for a sling for a bow that is less than 35” ATA then this thing is amazing. My hunting bow for this year will have a much shorter ATA and you can put your money on the fact that this sling will be getting used in the field by yours truly all fall and late into the winter.


  • Very simple once you know how to use it.
  • Goes on and off in seconds.
  • Does not use any buckles or zippers.


  • One size does not fit all.
  • Longer ATA bows will not work with this product.


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