Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest Review


This review of the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest will be my easiest one to date. There are and always have been a tremendous selection available of arrow rests for compound bows. Some are fixed rests and some are drop away rests. The various rests available either attach to bow limbs, upward cables or downward cables while some drop away just off the shock of the shot. I have used many of these rests and pretty much have installed them all.

Which drop away arrow rest is the best on the market? My answer would be the one that is made of high quality components, is extremely adjustable, offers full containment, and works like a charm no matter what compound bow it is installed on. That rest is the Ripcord Code Red drop away arrow rest. It is the one of the only rests that I will suggest to friends and family.

Installation of the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest

ripcord code redInstallation of the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest is made simple if you read the included instructions. You secure the rest in a level position to the riser with the main bolt, screw in the additional set screw to ensure the rest is locked in position, and then attach the rest’s “ripcord” to the downward cable.

Allowing the ample suggested slack in the cord, we attach the football or tie a stop knot to the downward cable. The football or stop knot should be snug so that it grabs the cable but loose enough so it slides on the cable when pulled on. Test this by pulling on the cord with your hand before attempting the next step(s).

We then cock the rest into the upright position. With an arrow loaded (to ensure we don’t dry fire the bow if the unexpected happens) we slowly bring the bow to full draw a watch to see that the football or the stop knot is sliding up the cable. At full draw, the football or the stop knot will still be snug enough to stay in the desired position. We now undraw the bow and finish securing the football or the stop knot. Done.

Performance of the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest

We have installed and used the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest on some of the fastest bows that have even been made; specifically the Bowtech Black Knight, APA Archery’s Black Mamba, and

Mathew’s MR6. We have never had one problem. We have never experienced fletching interference problems, bounce back interference, or any other failure during use with the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest. Without dropping names, this can not be said for some of the other drop away arrow rests on the market.

For the performance and quality you get, the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest is priced fairly. This is truly an arrow rest that you will take from bow to bow throughout your years as an archer.

If you are experiencing difficulties tuning a particular bow, try installing a code red to see if there is a difference. If you are looking to buy an arrow rest for a new bow, then do yourself a favor and buy what we consider to the be the best on the market, the Ripcord Code Red arrow rest. Visit Ripcord’s website for more information. Happy hunting!!

Ripcord Code Red Scores

94% Summary

This rest is one worth having due to its quality build and performance.

  • Quality of Build 95 %
  • Ease of Setup 92 %
  • Quietness of Draw/Shot 94 %
  • Overall Performance 95 %

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