G5 Prime / Quest Bowhunting

G5 Prime and Quest bowhunting

The G5 Story

G5 is ran by 3 generations of the Grace family and is based in Memphis, Michigan. The family began its engineering practice, Grace Engineering, in 1966. They have since engineered a variety of products ranging from medical equipment to automotive parts.

The Grace family and G5 broke onto the archery scene in 2000 with its all metal broadhead, the Montec. In 2009, they decided to introduce a line of bows that were built at the highest level of quality and craftsmanship; Quest Bowhunting was born.

The mission of Quest archery was to make high quality bows that were affordable for the masses. They accomplished that and have continued to make quality bows under the name of G5 Prime. The goal of  Prime is to make the most accurate bows on the planet.

G5 Prime and Quest Bowhunting Contact Info

P.O. Box 59
34775 Potter St.
Memphis, MI 48041
Phone Number
(866) 456.8836
Fax Number
(810) 392.2993

G5 Outdoors

Prime 2017Centergy6.50033333.250
Prime 2017Centergy Air6.50033333.250
Prime 2017Centergy Hybrid6.00033835.250
Prime 2017Rize6.75033533.250
Prime 2017One STX 36.56.75032536.000
Prime 2017One STX 39.56.75032339.000
Prime 2016Rival6.25034035.000
Prime 2016Ion7.25033031.000
Prime 2016RIZE6.75033533.000
Prime 2016One STX 367.00032536.000
Prime 2016One MX 367.00032536.000
Prime 2016One STX7.00032339.000
Prime 2016One MX7.00032339.000
Prime 2015Rival6.25034035.000
Prime 2014Defy7.25033031.000
Prime 2014Impact6.25034035.000
Prime 2014One7.50031039.250
Prime 2014Alloy6.75033533.250
Prime 2014Ion7.25033031.000
Prime 2014One STX7.00032339.000
Prime 2014One MX7.00032339.000
Prime 2014Alloy6.75033533.250
Prime 2013Defy7.25033031.000
Prime 2013Impact6.25034035.000
Prime 2013One7.50031039.250
Quest 2016Amp7.00034032.000
Quest 2016Forge7.00031532.000
Quest 2016Radical7.12529529.250
Quest 2016Storm7.00032031.000
Quest 2015Amp7.00034032.000
Quest 2015Forge7.00031532.000
Quest 2015Radical7.12529529.250
Quest 2015Storm7.00032031.000
Quest 2014Bliss7.00033031.000
Quest 2014Drive7.00029533.250
Quest 2014Radical7.12533029.250
Quest 2014Rogue7.50031231.000
Quest 2014Torrent7.50032231.000
Quest 2010Primal7.12533232
Quest 2010Heat6.62533033
Quest 2010Smoke7.2532433
Quest 2010Hammer7.2531533