Bow Sights – Installation On a Compound Bow

So you’ve bought your state of the art bow sight and are itching to get that baby sighted in. Get a set of allen wrenches and get to it!

1. Examine the bow sights parts

Remove the parts of the sight from the packaging and make sure the proper parts and hardware were packaged. Refer to the supplied documentation to verify you have what you need.

2. Fasten the sight to the riser

Install the two supplied screws that fasten the sight to the riser. Install them hand tight; remember you are screwing into the berger hole which has threads that are tapped into the riser. If you strip these threads by using too much force, you will have to retap this hole to a larger size.

3. Adjust the telescoping frame of the sight

If you have a sight which allows you to adjust the distance from the sight ring to the riser, adjust it. The closer the head is to the riser, the easier it will be to hold the sight on the target, but it will be less accurate….. and when the sight head is farther from the riser, it will be harder to hold on target but more accurate. You can fine tune this adjustment to relieve any eye strain you may experience while shooting. The eye strain is the result of trying to focus on two things ( sight pins and target ) at the same time.

4. Set the 2nd and 3rd Axis of your sight

If your bow sight gives you a 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, now is when you would adjust it. The 2nd axis is used to rotate the sight pin stack so it is vertical while the bow is vertical. The 3rd axis adjustment is used to ensure the sight ring is perpendicular to the bow. Visit our page our Adjusting Your Sight page for this info.

5. Align the bow sight’s pins for your first shot

Visually check that your arrow will not come into contact with the sight by eyeing down the arrow shaft while it is in the rest. Next, adjust the left – right adjustment so the head of your pin(s) are in line with the center of the string and the arrow. For a right handed archer, the sight pins will probably end up slightly to the left of the arrow’s center.

Now you know how to install a bow sight! Click here to proceed with tips on sighting in your pins.