How To Wax A Bowstring Instructions

A bowstring is made up of many strands of synthetic fibers. Every time the bow is shot, the fibers of the bowstring vibrate fiercely after the bow is shot. After time, these vibrations will start to break small pieces of the fibers and the bowstring will start to appear a bit hairy or frayed. To keep this from happening, every archer should periodically wax his or her bowstring. Bowstring wax is very inexpensive and can be found anywhere archery products are sold.

The following simple steps will explain how to wax a bowstring so you get the longest life out of your bowstring.

Steps on how to wax a bowstring

  1. Lay your bow on a table, put in a bow vice, or put the bow in a press with just enough pressure to securely hold the bow without depressing the limbs.
  2. Take your bowstring wax and wax any exposed parts of the bowstring and cables. By exposed, we mean where the string and cables are not served with string serving.wax bowstring
  3. After coating the string and cables with the wax, pinch the string with your index finger and thumb. While the string is pinched between your fingers, run your fingers up and down the waxed string.The friction from running your fingers up and down the waxed bowstring will melt the wax and work it into the string. This will keep the vibration breaks of the bowstring’s strands to a minimum and elongate the life of your bowstring.bowstring wax

Bowstring Waxing Video

How often should you wax your bowstring?

The frequency at which you should wax your bowstring depends on how much you shoot your bow. As a general rule of thumb, let your eyes decide for you when you should wax your string. Is the string starting to look a little rough or frayed? If yes, then it may be time to wax your string again. Its generally better to wax your bowstring a little too much than not enough.