IBO Archery – International Bowhunters Organization

ibo archeryThe IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1984 by Ted Groth in midwestern Ohio. The IBO was created to promote the sport of bowhunting, to unify and educate bowhunters, and to help with the preservation and conservation of wildlife.

The IBO can be contacted at:

International Bowhunting Organization
P.O. Box 398
Vermillion, OH 44089

Phone: 440.967.2137
Fax: 440.967.2052
Website: http://www.ibo.net/

IBO Archery Tournaments

The IBO hosts and regulates a number of 3D archery tournaments:

Non Traditional Tournaments

  • Winter National
  • Spring National
  • Triple Crown
    • 1st leg National Championship
    • 2nd leg National Championship
    • 3rd leg National Championship
  • IBO World Championship

Traditional Tournaments

  • Mid America Traditional Tournament
  • West Coast Traditional Tournament
  • Traditional World Championship

IBO Rules and Regulations

IBO Targets

All IBO tournament targets consist of 2D or 3D type animal targets containing official IBO scoring areas set at unmarked yardages. The IBO scoring areas award 11, 10, 8, or 5 points. Missed shots or shots that stick in an animal targets antlers will count as 0 points.

The IBO uses a total of 40 targets on a walk through style course. Each shooting station simulates a realistic hunting scenario. Hunters must shoot from their classes colored stake. Each IBO tournament has a maximum score of 440 points.

Equipment Requirements (compound bows and arrows)

Compound bow maximum poundage limitations are as follows:

  • Cub class = 40 lbs
  • Female and youth class = 60 lbs
  • All other classes = 80 lbs

Arrows must weigh 5 grains per lb of draw and there is a speed limit of 290 FPS (feet per second). If a bow can not shoot 290 FPS, the archer is allowed to shoot an arrow weighing less than 5 grains per pound of draw. Shooting an arrow of less than 5 grains per pound of draw is permissible as long as it is in compliance with the bow’s manufacturers recommendations. Youth archers can not exceed 260 FPS.

Arrows used in IBO shoots can not exceed 27/64 (0.422) of an inch in diameter while its point can not exceed 0.425 of an inch.

Shooter Classes

 Level 6 – Professional

  • Pro Release (PMR)
  • Pro Female (PRF)
  • Pro Fingers (PRF)
  • Pro Seniors (PSR)

Level 5 – Semi-Pro

  • Semi-Pro (SPM)

Level 4 – Advanced Amateur

  • Bowhunter Open (MBO)
  • Female Bowhunter Open (FBO)
  • Bowhunter Release (MBR)
  • Female Bowhunter Release (FBR)
  • Bowhunter Fingers (MBF)
  • Advanced Hunter Class (AHC)
  • Compound Unaided (MCU)
  • Female Seniors (FSR)
  • Men’s Senior Class (MSR)
  • Masters Class (MCBH)
  • Senior Master Class (SMC)
  • Crossbow (X-BOW)
  • Physically Challenged (PCBH)

Level 3 – Entry Level Adult

  • Hunter Class (HC)
  • Female Hunter Class (FHC)
  • Hunter Fingers (HF)
  • Senior Hunter (SHC)
  • Master Hunter (MHC)

Level 2 – Youth

  • Cub (CUB)
  • Youth Hunter (YH)
  • Youth Hunter Fingers (YHF)
  • Youth Release Ages 13-14 (YMR 13-14)
  • Youth Release Ages 15-17 (YMR 15-17)
  • Female Youth (FY)
  • Youth Traditional (YTRD)

Level 1 – Non-Competitive

  • Future Bowhunters (FBH)

Traditional Classes

  • Recurve Un-Aided (RU)
  • Longbow (LB)
  • Traditional (TRD)
  • Senior Traditional (STRD)
  • Female Traditional (FTRD)

For more details on shooter classes and specifications, visit IBO’s website by clicking here.