D Loop Installation On a Compound Bow

The D Loop is a piece of cord attached by cinch knots to the bowstring which surrounds the arrow in the shape of a “D” and is the point of connection for an archery release.

Materials need:

  • At least 4 1/4 inches of D-Loop cord
  • A lighter
  • A bow square
  • Scissors or a sharp knife

Follow the steps below to make a safe effective D-Loop.

1. Find your target “tie in” location by using a bow square.
With the bow square, cut the berger hole in half and mark an 1/8 inch
high of the perpendicular location provided by the bow square with a
permanent marker. You do not need a string level or arrow level.

bow square and d loop

2. Cut a piece of D-Loop cord at least 4 1/4 inches in length. D-Loop cord should be available at any archery pro shop.

d loop material

3. Melt a bulb into one end of the cord ( this will raise the percentage
that it won’t come untied ). You may flatten the bulb against a lighter’s
metal housing to increase it’s diameter, but do not pancake it too thin
to where it becomes brittle.

archery accessories

4. With the end you made the “bulb” on, tie a cinch knot above
your mark. Pull on the free end to ensure you have a secure knot.

tying a d looptying a dloop

5. Tie your finishing cinch knot so that your cord starts around the
string opposite of the top sinch knot. Pull the free end snug but not
tight and cut your free end about 1/2 of an inch from the bowstring.

d loop knotdloop knotd loop

6. Create a bulb on the free end with your lighter and pull the “D”
part of the loop with a release to tighten the bottom knot.

d looparchery d loop

It may appear to be too small at first, but it will stretch. The D-Loop only has to be big enough to accept your release’s head while not contacting the arrow’s nock. You can also precut the cord and melt both bulbs at a measurement that works for you. A common measurement that results in a perfect D-Loop is 4 1/4 inches from end of bulb to end of bulb.

How To Tie a D Loop Video