NFAA Archery Information and Rules

nfaa archeryThe NFAA, or National Field Archery Association, was founded in 1939 with its goal being to unite field archery associations into one organized unit for the betterment of the sport. The NFAA has 49 chartered states and almost 1,000 affiliated archery clubs. The NFAA sanctions and/or hosts many different events which include:

  • National championship tournaments
  • Over 100 state championship tournaments
  • Eight sectional indoor championships
  • Eight sectional outdoor championships
  • The 3 Star Tour which includes shoots at:
    • Las Vegas, NV – The Vegas Shoot
    • Louisville, KY – NFAA National Indoor
    • Yankton, SD – First Dakota Classic

The NFAA can be contacted at:

National Field Archery Association
800 Archery Lane
Yankton, SD 57078

Phone: (605) 260-9279
Fax: (605) 260-9280

NFAA Membership Information

NFAA membership includes a subscriptions to Archery magazine, shooters insurance, awards programs, and allows participation in indoor/outdoor leagues, tournaments, and certified instructor courses.

Membership levels include the following:

  • Individual – $35
  • Youth – $15
  • Family – $35 for the head of the household, $5 each for the next 2 members, and $2 for any additional dependants.
  • Lifetime – $700
  • Non-Competitive Bowhunter – $35 + $5 for each additional family member (spouse or minor)
  • Professional – $75

 Types of NFAA Shoots

The NFAA is involved with almost every style of competition including indoor, outdoor, marked and unmarked 3D. Their biggest tournaments are indoor tournaments and are part of their 3 Star Tour. Click here for more NFAA tournament information.

NFAA Competition Divisions

NFAA competition divisions include the following:

  • Cub
  • Youth
  • Young adult
  • Adult
  • Senior
  • Silver senior
  • Master senior
  • Professional

NFAA Shooting Styles

NFAA shooting styles include the following:

  • Freestyle
  • Freestyle limited
  • Barebow
  • Competitive bowhunter
  • Bowhunter freestyle
  • Freestyle limited
  • Recurve
  • Traditional

For more information on the shooting styles and classes, browse the NFAA bylaws/rules by clicking here.