OPA – Organization of Professional Archery Rules and Information

opa archeryThe OPA or Organization of Professional Archery is the newest competitive archery organization on the archery scene. The OPA’s goal is to offer an equivalent to a “Super Bowl” in the outdoor archery world. Spearheaded by Levi Morgan, the OPA had its first OPA Summit Invitational in May of 2016. The tournament was success!

What kind of shoot is the OPA Summit Invitational?

The OPA Summit Invitational is a 2 day, 40 arrow shoot that is a hybrid of field archery (marked yardages) and 3d archery (lifelike animal targets). Here are the specifications of the tournament:

OPA Targets and Scoring

  • opa archery target40 total 3D targets are shot; 20 on day 1 and 20 on day 2.
  • Archers shoot 1 arrow at each target.
  • The scoring is as follows:
    • Potential scores on each 3D animal are 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, and 0 points.
    • 14 is an existing ring on the 3D target and is colored pink.
    • 12 is an existing ring on the 3D target and is colored orange.
  • Shooter must call if he or she is shooting for the 14 ring (pink).
    • When a 14 is called, the shooter cannot score a 10 or 12.
  • All arrows must remain in the target until they are scored.
  • There is a maximum of 560 points.
  • After the initial 40 targets, the top 5 archers will have a shootoff.
  • The top 5 archers previous 40 target score carries into the shoot-off.

opa scoring

Shooter and shooter group rules

  • Participants/shooters are either invite only for the expert classes or first come first serve for all the other classes.
  • Maximum of 5 shooters per group
  • Shooters are given random shooting times
  • Shooting times start at 8am
  • At the targets, the first shooter has 2 minutes to shoot.
  • Every archer in the group after the first shooter has 1 minute to shoot.
  • Shooters are allowed 2 let downs per target

winners opa 2016

OPA Equipment Rules

  • The speed limit is 299 FPS
  • Lighted nocks may be used as long as they turn off before the next shooter shoots.
  • No devices that relieve the archer of the bow’s weight may be used.
  • Each shooter is allowed one “breakdown” per tournament. They are allowed to resolve the equipment problem and then can return to their group. Their missed targets will have to be shot at the end of the day with their group present.

For more information on the OPA’s rules and regulations, visit their website at http://oproarchery.com

Different classes of the OPA

  • Expert Sr. Mens
    • Invite only
    • Ages 50 and older
  • Expert Mens
    • Invite only
    • Ages 18 and older
  • Expert Womens
    • Invite only
    • Ages 18 and older
  • Men Sr.
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Ages 50 and older
  • Mens Open
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Ages 18 and older
  • Womens Opens
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Ages 18 and older
  • Young Adult Male
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Ages 13 to 16
  • Young Adult Female
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Ages 13 to 16
  • Youth
    • First 50 to sign up
    • Male or female
    • Ages 12 and under