Calling All Elk!!


Just a couple of days ago, Beau Brooks, the 20 year old owner of Brooks Custom Calls, was out with a buddy when he called in the biggest elk herd of his life. This Washington native was using the diaphragm call that he created called the “single lady” when the herd decided to come at him like gang busters.

“When they started coming out, I was like ‘man this is cool!'”. Unfortunately, Beau and his buddy didn’t see any elk that they wanted to harvest. It was an unbelieveable scene that many elk hunters would love to see in person… including me! To find out more about Brooks Custom Calls, visit their facebook page at


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Corey is an avid bow hunter, archer and outdoor writer. He has been bowhunting for the last 25 years and loves helping others involved in the sport.

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