Bowtech Carbon Knight Review


The Bowtech Carbon Knight is the first non Hoyt carbon riser bow to enter the market. Weighing in at only 3.2lbs it is the lightest bow on the market today. Let’s look at its specs.

Carbon Knight Specs

  • IBO Speed 335 fps
  • Axle to axle 31″
  • Brace Height 7″
  • Draw Weights 50,60,70
  • Draw Lengths 26.5-30.5″
  • Mass Weight 3.2 lbs
  • Let off 80%
  • Kinetic Energy 84.6 ft lbs
  • MSRP $699

bowtech carbon knightLook, Feel, and Performance of the Bowtech Carbon Knight

The Look

The look of the Bowtech Carbon Knight is very nice. The design of the riser is pretty high tech and accompanies a flawless high quality matte/semi rough finish. All of the components are of excellent quality.

The Feel

When we first picked up the Bowtech Carbon Knight, the first thing that popped into our heads was “Wow! Is this thing light!” The 3.2 lbs feels light as a feather compared to the other 4 lbs+ bows on the market. The weight is by far one of the best selling points of this bow.

The grip was a little bit of a shock. Its a narrow grip but seems to be very deep and boxy. When compared to other grips, this one seems to be an original.

The Performance

The performance of the Bowtech Carbon Knight is good. When shooting the bow, the different style grip is not that much of a factor and offers a comfortable hold.

The bow is smooth to semi smooth on the draw, which was a nice thing to experience compared to some Bowtech bows of the past. It doesn’t rip your shoulder out of its socket. The draw weight increase is gradual until it reaches a decent deep valley and firm wall. Once at full draw, you have to keep pressure on it, but it won’t jump to shoot if you creep forward a little with your hold.

The medium/short ATA didn’t create any anchoring problems at all and at full draw the bow held well. The sound of the shot was above average on the quiet scale. Its not the quietest bow we have ever shot, but its far from loud. Our “quietness of shot” rating would be an 8/10 which is very good.

The bow does kick a little (from the bottom) on the shot so we can not say it’s 100% dead in the hand. With its IBO speed of 335 fps and its light frame, we were still impressed.

Overall, this bow impressed us. Super light, fast, accurate, and affordable. We would suggest giving this bow a try if you are in the market for a new one. Coming in at 1/2 the price of the other carbon bows on the market, we expect this bow to be a mainstay for Bowtech.

We give the Bowtech Carbon Knight 8.0 out of 10 stars.


  • Super light.
  • Excellent specs (brace/speed).
  • Adjusting the draw length does not require pressing the bow or changing the cams.
  • Attractive design.
  • Is made of carbon so it will not freeze your hands while hunting in the colder months.
  • Its extremely affordable.


  • ATA of 31″ lands it in the short ATA category which is typically less forgiving than longer bows.
  • Boxy and deep grip may turn some people off.

About Author

Corey is an avid bowhunter, archer and outdoor writer. He has been hunting since 1982 and started his passion with bowhunting in 1991. His focus is to help others involved in the sport of archery and to compete professionally in indoor, 3D and field archery.

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  1. I purchased a Carbon Knight and absolutely love this compound bow! Light weight and the grip is a bit boxy, but not a big deal for me! I purchased it as a RAK pkg. and the octane rest lasted for about 250 shots. Upgraded to QAD HDX and started getting tighter groups . the rest of Octane pkg. is ok as a starter pkg. Affordable, comfortable to shoot and hunt in the cold! The new version, ICON has the power shift technology, which is not a bid difference, but for those who like to experiment, I heard mixed reviews? Not really worth the extra money on the upgrade! Bowtech Forever!