Bowtech SR350 Compound Bow Review (Images and Video)

Many of the new bows on the market have slight improvements from the previous year’s models. This is just how it goes year after year. It’s only after you look at the all of the improvements together on top of the feel or draw of the bow, that you get a true understanding of the bow’s value. A bow that offers effortless tuning, top of the market speeds, has a forgiving axle to axle length, and offers more customization that any bow on the market is the Bowtech SR350.

Bowtech SR350Bowtech SR350 Specs

  • IBO Speed: 350 FPS
  • ATA (Axle to Axle): 33″
  • Brace Height: 6″
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Draw Weights: 40-70 lbs.
  • Draw Lengths: 25″-30″
  • Let off: 90%

The Bowtech SR350 offers what appears to be the perfect package. The axle to axle length of 33 inches is forgiving while still compact for spot and stalk and bling hunting.

The brace height of 6 inches is more on the performance side but doesn’t feel like the typical short brace bow. The extra inch of power stroke, compared to the 7 inch standard, enables the Bowtech SR350 to achieve true IBO speeds of up to 350, depending on arrow weight and what’s on the string.

The weight of the SR350 comes in at 4.4 lbs and is on par with other flagship bows. It feels solid in the hand and dead on the shot thanks to the Orbit Dampening System.

The draw length ranges from 25 – 30 inches and is all adjustable in 1/2 inch increments within the deadlock cam system. The draw weight comes in 10 lb ranges and can be adjust with an observed 1.5 lbs per revolution of the limb bolt.

Features of the Bowtech SR350

Let’s look at what sets the Bowtech SR350 apart from other bows.

Deadlock Cam System

The deadlock cam system is the most advanced cam system on the market that offers a variety of customizations coupled with a tuning system that is unparalleled.

Adjustable draw length

The draw length is adjustable from 25 – 30 inches in half inch increments. Simply remove the flip disc’s screws, reseat the flip disc on the preferred draw length setting and reinstall the screws. Next, move the draw stop to match the draw length.

sr350 draw length

Flip Disc

The above mentioned flip disc really delivers two bows in one. For a butter smooth draw, install the flip disc with the comfort side facing out. For higher speeds via a more demanding draw, install the flip discs with the performance side facing out. The choice is yours!

bowtech flip disc

Deadlock Tuning System


The Deadlock  cam system works with a Deadlock tuning system that is mounted on the limb tips. This innovative and proprietary system allows the moving of the cam to the left and the right by simply turning an axle screw. Simply loosen the lock screw and turn clockwise to move the cam left (correct a left tear) and counterclockwise to move the cam to the right (correct a right tear). The Deadlock tuning system has a range of 0.180 of an inch that is achieved with 3.75 revolutions of the axle screw.

When first setting up a bow with the Deadlock tuning system, we like to max out the cams to the right or left and make a mark on the axle screw and the deadlock tuning system housing. This will give you a great reference mark that’ll ensure you adjust the top and bottom cam equally.

bowtech deadlock

Timing the SR350

Setting the timing on the Bowtech SR350 is very easy thanks to the laser etched timing marks on each cam. Just adjust your cables until you’re between the marks and you’ll be in time. Once timed properly, with the aid of a draw board, check your sync. We found that our draw stops were just about hitting the cables at the same time. I believe we had to add a half a twist to one cable which is remarkable! Well done to the Bowtech engineers!

how to time a bowtech


Deadlock Limb Pocket

The Deadlock limb pocket is another great feature of the Bowtech SR350. No more having to bottom out your limbs against the riser to ensure you have a rock solid limb pocket. You can simply loosen the limb pocket locking screws, adjust the Bowtech SR350 to the desired draw weight and then tighten the locking screws for a rock solid compression on the t-shaped dead lock limb pocket.

deadlock limb pocket

The Performance of the Bowtech SR350

Lets put this bow through the ringer and see how it does!

Draw Length Accuracy

The wide range of draw lengths are dead accurate for the Bowtech SR350. When cutting 1-3/4 inches on the center of the berger hole, the actual draw length measurement was spot on.

sr350 draw length

Draw Force Map

The Bowtech SR350 offers two draw cycle options: comfort and performance.

The comforts is a nice smooth draw that rides the peak draw weight (70 lbs) for about 8-9 inches with a holding weight of around 6-6.5 lbs.

The performance side of the flip disc delivers on much higher speeds but at the cost of a harsher draw. In performance mode, you’ll ride the peak weight for about 14 inches and be left with a very short valley. You must keep some solid draw pressure on at full draw to protect against accidental twitches forward. The benefit is break neck speeds that will leave your pins stacked almost on top of each other.

Bowtech SR350 performance draw force


Speed Test

For the speed test, we tested our Bowtech SR350 at the delivered draw weight and at 70 lbs on both the comfort and performance modes. Our draw length was exactly 30 inches and our arrow weight was 350 grains. Total weight on the string was about 10 grains.

Draw Weight / Mode w/350 grain arrow @ 30″Recorded Speed
70# Comfort326 FPS
73# Comfort334 FPS
70# Performance339 FPS
74# Performance347 FPS

Tuning Test

The tuning test sets the Bowtech SR350 apart from the other flagship bows of 2022. With the Deadlock tuning system and the aid of a paper tuning jig, you can fine tune your cam location without the need of a bow press. Simply loosen the lock screws for both cams and turn your axle/tuning screw. For a left tear, move your cams to the left with a clockwise rotation of the axle screw. For a right tear, move your cams to the right with a counterclockwise rotation of the axle screw. A little bit goes a long ways so start off with a 1/4 – 1/2 of a revolution and check your results.

how to tune bowtech sr350

Our Thoughts on the Bowtech SR350

The Bowtech SR350 has it all. Not only is it two bows in one, it features the industries best technological advancements. The Deadlock Cam System along with the Deadlock Cable Containment cable guard make the SR350 very easy to tune. Bowtech’s Flip Disc technology allows the archer to choose between a smooth draw in comfort mode or a more demanding draw in performance mode that’ll deliver top of the industry speeds of around 350 FPS. Throw in the Orbit Vibration Dampening system, features like the Deadlock limb pocket, wide range of draw lengths, and the very handy laser etched timing marks and you have one of, if not the best bow on the market. For more information on the Bowtech SR350, visit

Bowtech SR350 Scores
  • Overall Design and Engineering
  • Tunability
  • Measured Speed/Draw Length vs Advertised
  • Adjustability
  • Draw Cycle in Comfort Mode
  • Draw Cycle in Performance Mode


The Bowtech SR350 is a force to be reckoned with. Its break neck speeds in performance mode and its smooth draw, yet fast comfort setting along with a bucket full of other awesome innovations puts this bow at the top of our list in 2022.


  • Super adjustable draw length
  • Flip Disc Technology delivers two bows in one
  • Deadlock technology tuning
  • Great ATA length and feel during the shot
  • Laser etched timing marks
  • Deadlock limb pockets offer rock solid performance at any draw weight
  • Double berger holes


  • Super short valley in performance mode
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