Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Tall Boot Review


muck boots pursuit shadow tall bootsThe Pursuit Shadow Tall boots by the Muck Boot Company, are waterproof “knee high” lace up boots. They are ideal for all types of hunting and outdoor activities. These boots are lightweight and very packable.  They have a high comfort level due to the lace up design and will fit men with large calves without issue.  The laces enable you to adjust for snugness around your calves without compromising scent control or boot slippage while tromping through the swamp.  The traction and flexibility are great, allowing you to wear these boots in all types of terrain.

  • Insulation is composed of 5mm Neoprene layered with a  fleece lining and waterproof gusset
  • Upper is composed of Spandora infused with Inscentable Scent Masking. Upper is also composed of Rubber including EVA 3D Print for support.
  • Camouflage = REALTREE XTRA
  • Insole = etcSocklinger
  • Midsole = EVA
  • Outsole = Rubber Pod
  • Height 15”
  • Pair Weight 3lbs.

Look, Feel, and Fit of the Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Tall Boots

The Look

The Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Tall Boots, with the lace up style and REALTREE XTRA camouflage, has an excellent appearance.  It is unique compared to your typical knee high rubber boots.  The laces are of good quality and burrs sweep off of them with ease.  Due to the lace up style, the boots slide on and off easily, even without a finger loop at the top.  So far, these boots have survived the test of 1 year with no issues to the exterior or interior.

muck boot company pursuit shadow tall

The Feel

muck boot company pursuit shadow tall bootsThe feel of the Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Tall boots is the selling point for a guy like me.  I have used these boots from the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains to the CRP fields of the Midwest and they have passed the test.  One of the most important parts of footwear to me is breathability and limiting the amount of foot perspiration.  Let me tell you, the great people of Muck nailed it, because these boots are breathable!!!  When I have a 2 mile walk to my favorite tree stand, my feet will not be covered in sweat for a 5 hour sit.  By limiting the sweat, you limit the chill when you are sitting still for a long hunt.

I have crossed numerous shallow streams and navigated through swamps up to 12 inches deep and my feet have never gotten wet.  After 1 year of use, this boot remains waterproof.  Another important factor is comfort.  Your typical rubber boot can be quite constricting on a man with shapely calves. Instead of your calves fitting to the shape of your boot,The Pursuit Shadow Tall fits to the shape of your calf comfortably due to the lace up style.  I have worn these boots in temperatures down to 32 degrees and haven’t had any issues with warmth.

The Fit

muck pursuit shadow tall

Above price was at the publish date and may have changed


The Pursuit Shadow Tall has a consistent fit/size to boots of other major manufacturers.  I would typically wear a 12.5 in a perfect world but usually wear a 13 due to size limitations.  This style boot in a 13 fits my foot well, even with thicker socks on.  I have walked 5 miles at a time and have had no issues with heel rubs, calf rubs, or any blistering.

Performance in the Field with Pursuit Shadow Tall Boots

Whether you are chasing Elk up a Scrub Oak filled mountain side or shooting pheasants in the prairie region of the Great Plains, these boots are the real deal.  They have also worked fantastic for me in the tree stand with temperatures above freezing.

Pursuit Shadow Tall boots have the scent control and water resistance of a knee high rubber boot with the comfort of an ankle high hiking boot.  The breathability and calf comfort from the lace up style are second to none in my opinion.  I would recommend these boots to anyone. For more information, visit the Muck Boot Company at

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Tall Boots Scores
  • Comfort/Performance
  • Durability and Quality of the Build
  • Waterproof Rating
  • Weight
  • Packability


Although some users have complained about these boots not being waterproof, we had zero problems with taking water. We recommend these boots due to features like the laces, packability and weight.

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