QAD HDX Arrow Rest Review


There are a few rests that I would recommend to people without hesitation and this is one of them.  Quality archery design makes several different levels of rests which operate in a similar fashion.   All Q.A.D. rests operate off of the downward moving cable of a bow.

The QAD HDX is a relatively easy rest to set up if you have all of the proper tools.  And those tools are as follows:

  1. Bow Press
  2. Allen Wrenches
  3. Bow Vise
  4. String Level
  5. Arrow Square or Arrow level
  6. Serving Thread

As a disclaimer QAD HDX does provide a cable clamp which eliminates the need for a bow press however I do believe that serving the cord to your down cable not only looks better it also functions better.  This is a good point to also know your own limits as this may be a rest better suited for a qualified bow tech to install (Q.A.D. does include a video that shows you how do install there rests).

Setup of the QAD HDX arrow rest

qad hdxSetting up a QAD HDX is similar to that of any other rest.  Bow needs to be secured and leveled, then attaching the rest to the bow.  Once this has been done, put the launcher in the upright position and set the nocking point so that it is level.  Also, at this point, try to set the center shot (left and right adjustment) as close as you can eye ball it.  Once the rest is in the correct position, you need to attach the drop cord to your bow’s downward cable.  This can be done with the provided cable clamp or by serving the drop cord to your downward cable.  In either case, it should be attached to your cable at about the same level as the bottom of your grip.    The rest should be set so it reaches it fully cocked setting in the last few inches of the draw cycle.

The Pros and Cons of the QAD HDX Drop away arrow rest.

Here are the pros and cons of the QAD HDX arrow rest.


  • High quality rest
  • Drops quickly and has a locking feature that stops vibration and any possible bounce backs
  • Offers 100%  Containment
  • Arrow stays 100% contained even if bow is drawn and let down


  • Can cause cams to come out of time
  • If used improperly the user can actually cause it to fail

For more information, visit the QAD HDX website.


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