Limbdriver Pro V Arrow Rest Review


This is my first written product review for  I have given countless spoken product reviews while working with thousands of bowhunters in the past and am very pleased to be reviewing this product as it is a product that I know and currently use.

limbdriver pro vInstalling the Limbdriver Pro V

The Limbdriver Pro V is hands down the easiest drop away arrow rest I have ever set up on a bow.  The tools required for set up are as follows:

  1. Your bow in a vise
  2. A bow square(or arrow level)
  3. A string level
  4. A set of allen wrenches

After locking the bow into the bow vise and ensuring it is in a level position.  Simply attach the rest to the bow with the provided bolt.  The rest is in the up position at this point so with either an arrow level or a bow square ensure nocking point and the rest are level Once this has been done you can then attach the limb pad to the top limb.  After cleaning the limb with rubbing alcohol, place the pad on the limb.  Finally, you can run the cord from the rest to the top limb; the cord should be put in tight enough to keep the rest down when the bow is at rest.

The rest is then set up and final tuning can be completed.  Normally there are only very small adjustments that need to be done through paper, walk back and broadhead tuning.

Note I have actually set the Limbdriver Pro V up in the past without any levels and just “eyeballed” and then went to the next step of tuning with good results as well.

The Pros and Cons of the Limbdriver Pro V Arrow Rest

Here is a quick rundown of what I thought were the pros and cons of this rest.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very fast drop away
  • Supports arrow for longer than many other drop  aways
  • Easy to time


  • Not a true 100% containment
  • Moves the arrow up and down upon drawing your bow so if you have to let down the arrow may rattle

For more information, visit the Limbdriver Pro V website.


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