My First Deer Kill


My first deer kill was during my second season of hunting. I was 16. 

I was hunting a clearing in a woods from my chain on tree stand… yeah I said chain on. It was getting dark and a doe came in very late. I raised my bow but was having a hard time seeing my pins so I instinctively took a 30 yard shot. I thought I hit her but couldn’t tell. I looked for my arrow and couldn’t find it. I left.

first deer killI needed help so I went to the local bowling alley to talk to one of the best trackers I know, Donald Rigoni. Donald asked me how she took off and I told him “Like a bat out of hell”. After hearing that, he left the bowling alley and headed to the woods with me. I brought him to the spot and said “she was here and ran off that way.”

Donald squatted down, looked with his flashlight, and said, “nope”, she ran this way. 

I didn’t believe him but followed him as he tracked her. About ten yards later, he said “we got blood“. I started getting excited. We went another 15 yards and there she was. I couldn’t believe it!

The aluminum Easton Game Getter 2315 arrow was still in her; right in her heart. What a lucky shot. He helped me field dress her and we were on our way. What a memory of my first deer kill and what a good friend.


About Author

Corey is an avid bowhunter, archer and outdoor writer. He has been hunting since 1982 and started his passion with bowhunting in 1991. His focus is to help others involved in the sport of archery and to compete professionally in indoor, 3D and field archery.

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