Rage Hypodermic 2 Blade Broadhead Review


The Rage Hypodermic 2 blade broadhead is very similar to the standard Rage 2 blade broadhead. The main differences are the smaller diameter shaft and the needle sharp point. It truly has a point very sharp just like a hypodermic needle!

rage hypodermicThe two razor sharp Rage Hypodermic 2 blade broadhead blades remain hidden during flight and are locked in by a plastic shock collar. When the broadhead hits its target, the blades break through the thin plastic of the shock collar and deploy out the rear of the broadhead’s shaft. The blades then lock into place and do some serious damage. When installing this broadhead to one of your arrows, pay attention to the arrows on the bottom of the shock collar. The arrow should be aligned with one of the blades for proper deployment.


  • Ultra sharp tip.
  • Wide 2 inch cut.
  • Due to its small in flight diameter, it flies and is accurate like a field point.
  • Contains two high quality scalpel sharp blades.


  • Due to its large blades, upon entry the broadhead may be redirected or deflected off its trajectory.

We have used this broadhead and have had some devastating results. The most recent deer we shot with this broadhead was a nice 10 point buck. Shot placement was perfect and the deer only ran 20 yards before expiring.

The one thing we did notice was the exit hole. The exit hole on our almost broadside shot should have exited out the opposite side of the buck, within its front leg. Instead, the arrow redirected and came out the front of the deer. This is not the first deer that we have noticed this happen with. All broadheads can deflect off rib bones and when you shoot a broadhead with such a devastating cutting diameter, the deflection is something you have to live with.

More information about this broadhead can be found at the Rage Broadhead website.

Rage Hypodermic 2 Blade Blood Trail


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