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One of the most important tools an elk hunter can have during the pre-rut and rut is a good quality elk call. Elk have excellent hearing and can not only pinpoint where calls are coming from, but they can also differentiate between a cheap call and one that sounds authentic. With all the time, money and effort that goes into any elk hunt, you really don’t want to skimp on the quality of your calls. In this review, we are going take a look and a listen to some diaphragm calls and bugle tubes from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

Rocky Mountain Diaphragm Calls

The diaphragm call is the most realistic call on the market. Paired with the proper bugle tube, you can achieve realistic sounding results. You won’t master calling on a diaphragm call on your first try, but with a little practice, you should be convincing enough to bring in that irritated herd bull. Let’s take a look at a couple products designed by a couple of World Champion Elk Callers, Corey and Rockie Jacobsen.

The All-Star Diaphragm Elk Call

all-star diaphragm elk call

The All-Star diaphragm elk call is by far my favorite diaphragm for calling elk because it is the diaphragm elk call that I learned how to call with.

The All-Star features a Tone Top that is designed for forward placement in your mouth and gives you a great angle for squeezing out those high pitched, consistent bugles. It is also very capable of delivering outstanding cow and calf sounds as well. The All-Star diaphragm call is an easy to use diaphragm that produces results.

The Raging Bull Diaphragm Elk Call

raging bull diaphragm elk call

The Raging Bull is a Pro Series call that features an arched dome or “Palate Plate” which lets it seat comfortably in the roof of your mouth.

Designed by Rockie Jacobsen for the intermediate caller, the Raging Bull diaphragm will let you hit the high notes with less effort. Once you have mastered the easier calls like the All-Star, this is a good call to advance to. With the amount of control and excellent tone this call has to offer, it is a must have in your pack!

The Bully Bull Extreme Bugle Tube

bully bull extreme bugle tube
bully bull mouth pieceThe Bully Bull Extreme Bugle Tube is one of my favorite bugle tubes for a couple reasons. First, the large diameter mouth opening provides a comfortable port for belting out a variety of bugles. Second, the sound the Bully Bull delivers is spot on. It is a larger tube, but the volume and deep sounds it helps you create are excellent.

bully bull tube tamerThe design of the Bully Bull allows for consistent airflow with just the right amount of back pressure which makes calling the many different bugle sounds a breeze. The included sling rope and camouflage skin are the icing on the cake.

I am not a professional elk caller, but with this tube I can get the job done. If you’re in the market for a bugle tube, be sure to give the Bully Bull a try!

The Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube

The engineering minds of Rockie Jacobsen and Kristi Titus knocked it out of the ballpark with this innovative bugle tube. Smaller and more packable, the Wild Frenzy bugle tube is full of advanced features that allows it to deliver outstanding sounds in the field.

wild frenzy bugle tube

vett systemJust behind the smaller 1″ mouth opening is the V.E.T.T. or Volume Enhanced Tone Technology system. The V.E.T.T. is a carefully placed and tuned spring that enhances volume, high notes, raspy growls, and allows for the user to use less air while still achieving loud, realistic sounds.

tone selectorOn the larger end of the tube is the Tone Selector. This adjustable feature gives you the ability to control the volume and back pressure of the call by simply rotating it. Hidden on the inside of the Tone Selector is the “tube tamer” which helps to dampen the vibrations of the plastic tube and helps to deliver excellent deep sounds. The Wild Frenzy is very compact and full of features that let it compete with bigger calls like the Bully Bull with ease. This very innovative bugle tube is definitely one to check out!

Our Thoughts on Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

rocky mountain hunting calls

When you want to be the best you can be, you typically should buy the best tools. This is the case with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls. These guys have been at it for a long time and have won an insane amount of World Champion Elk Calling contests. With a little bit of practice and maybe some great tips from Corey Jacobsen’s Elk University online course, these calls should seal the deal for you this fall. For more information, visit them at

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Scores
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Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls are designed by the best to be the best. They are hard to beat!

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