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limb driver pro restIn today’s archery market, there are almost limitless options when it comes to selecting an arrow rest. You can choose anything from a stationary rest to a drop-away rest but the variety of those two styles greatly differs. Stationary rests can range from a whisker biscuit style rest to a fixed blade type rest while drop-away rest are offered in cable driven or limb driven styles. Which arrow rest is the best one to choose? In this review, we are going to take a close look at one of the best arrow rests on the market, the Limb Driver Pro by Vaportrail Archery.

How the Limb Driver Pro Works

limbdriver pro arrow rest

The Limb Driver Pro is limb driven. That means the actual flexing of the upper bow limb is what makes it rise and fall. The Limb Driver Pro is installed into the berger hole like any other ordinary rest, but it’s activation cord is tied to the upper bow limb.

When the bow is at brace or rest, the activation cord is tight and the rest is in the down position. As the bow is drawn, the upper limb will flex downward and slack up the activation cable. When the activation cable is no longer tight, the slack allows the rest to spring to the upward position.

The rest will remain in the upward position until the bow is shot and the upper limb springs back to its normal position thus returning tension to the activation cord therefore pulling the rest back to the down position. The simplified version is: the rest goes from down before the shot to up at full draw and back to the down position after the shot.

limb driver pro

How to Install the Limb Driver Pro

Follow these steps to install the Limb Driver Pro arrow rest.

  1. Squarely attach the rest to the bow by installing the main screw into the berger hole.
  2. Set your preferred centershot and rest elevation.
  3. Install the self adhesive activation cord to the top limb on the outside edge above the rest and at the forward edge of the cam. Make sure you have clearance from the cam rotation during the shot.
  4. Tie the activation cord around the upper limb by using the standard D-Loop style knot.
  5. Thread the activation cord through the rest and pull up on the lever arm with moderate pressure. This will lower the rest’s arm.
  6. Tighten the set screw to lock the activation cord in place.

For a more in depth look at how to install the Limb Driver Pro, watch the video below.

Performance of the Limb Driver Pro

arrow containment limb driver pro

The Limb Driver Pro performs great due to the amount of time it supports the arrow during the power stroke of the shot. Thanks to a good look at arrow rest performance at 1,000 frames per second, we have identified a problem that occurs when a cable driven fall away rest is installed on certain bows.

That problem is that they drop away too fast and the arrow noses down before maximum forward motion is achieved. This can create a bit of a tuning nightmare for some. Typically extra special attention has to be taken with the location of the D Loop in order to time the push through the fall of the arrow tip.

In the video below, you’ll notice how fast the drop away drops and you will notice that the arrow does indeed start to “nose” down a bit.

With the Limb Driver Pro, you will notice that it supports the arrow much longer than it’s cable driven counterparts. This extra support enables the bow to push the arrow centers (tip and nock) much longer resulting in straighter arrow flight. This straighter arrow flight is confirmed by how much easier it is to tune the bow after the switch to the Limb Driver Pro has been installed.

With the Prime Logic that we used in the video, we struggled a little when trying to achieve the perfect bullet hole with our bare shaft arrows. We did get it close, but the consistency just wasn’t there. After we installed the Limb Driver Pro, the quality of our rips were practically perfect. The four shots through the paper below were our first four shots with the Limb Driver Pro…. no adjustments were made.

limb driver pro tuning

Final thoughts on the Limb Driver Pro

The Limb Driver Pro is a great rest that supports the arrow when you need it. We were surprised at how much easier bows tuned after installing this limb driven rest. The installation is much easier compared to a cable driven rest and at full draw, you aren’t putting any unnecessary tension on the touchy cable system.

If you are in the market for a new rest this year, definitely give the Limb Driver Pro or the Limb Driver Pro V a try. The easy installation and increased accuracy are well worth it! For more information on this rest and other VaporTrail products, visit them at

Limb Driver Pro Scores
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The Limb Driver Pro is an excellent limb driven rest that outperforms it’s cable driven counterpart.

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