Spandoflage Hunting Face Mask Review [images and video]

If you’re a hunter of any type of game, you probably have owned a face mask or two. The face mask styles vary from thick fleece balaclavas to ones made of spandex that fit tight to your skin. While balaclavas are nice for extreme cold conditions and the spandex face masks offer excellent camo designs, they are not breathable at all. They keep your breath inside the face mask resulting in moisture accumulation and since the only ventilation is upwards through the eye hole, they fog up binoculars and glasses. The solution is one of our favorite hunting products, a SpandoFlage hunting face mask.

Spando-Flage hunting face masks have been around for a long time and, in my opinion, should be part of every hunter’s ensemble. Let’s take a look at why.

spandoflage face masks


Spandoflage hunting face masks are made of a stretchable net-like material that is dyed camouflage. It stretches around your face and stays there. It provides a comfortable fit that allows concealment while not trapping the heat of your every breath. While hunting in warm weather (35°F and higher) you can rest assured that you won’t have to take it off periodically to cool down. Due to it’s superior design, it’s super breathable and that directly results in being comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you can stay still and concealed longer which will increase your success while hunting.

Anti-Fog Build

hunting face maskThanks to the Spandoflage hunting facemask’s elastic and porous design, your breath is allowed to be dispersed into the outside air. You no longer have to worry about two annoying occurrences: moisture build up inside the mask and fogged up optics.

Moisture buildup is a major annoyance and can even make you colder while hunting in lower temperatures. The breath-through design of the Spando-Flage hunting facemask eliminates moisture buildup. In direct relation to its breath-through design is the fact that you won’t fog up your optics with this product. Whether you wear glasses or are looking through a spotting scope or binoculars, you can now do so without holding your breath.

Our Experiences with Spandoflage Hunting Face Masks

We love them. Spando-Flage hunting facemasks are one of our most important accessories while in the field for a variety of hunting. We have worn SpandoFlage hunting facemasks while doing the following:

  • Chasing elk through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the September heat.
  • Hunting ducks in the potholes of North Dakota and rivers of Illinois.
  • Bowhunting deer in Illinois in temperatures down to 30°F.
  • Coyote hunting at night in snow covered terrain.
  • Goose hunting the fields of Northern Illinois.
  • Turkey hunting Central Illinois.

Summary of the Spandoflage Facemask

While there are weather conditions that call for a more thickly insulated facemask, Spandoflage hunting facemasks are a must have for over 90% of our hunting. We wear the half mask design and if we were to have one suggestion, it would be for them to make it a little longer in length, but other than that, it’s the perfect hunting face mask. For more information, visit their website at

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