AccuBow Archery Training Device


accubowIntroduced at the 2016 ATA Show was a new archery training device, the AccuBow. The AccuBow looks and feels like a bow, but is not meant to fire arrows. The product provides an all-encompassing method for training at home or on the go. The AccuBow effectively improves users mechanics, strength, stability, and stamina to increase their physical capacity to be accurate at the range or in the field.

The patented design features an easily adjustable resistance band coupled with an interactive built-in laser. The AccuBow also features a vibration dampening rod and a lower “cam” that allows users to set their desired pulling resistance within a wide range of 10-70 pounds.

Archers simply draw back and hold the laser on a target (simulating the act of holding a pin steady over a target), and finally dry-fire the band. This exercise is very effective in helping users get rid of bad habits such as target panic, trigger punching, and loss of back tension through release.

AccuBow – 2016 ATA Show Louisville, Kentucky

The AccuBow team was putting ATA attendees and exhibitors alike through the “AccuBow Challenge” where challengers were asked to draw back the AccuBow at 25 pounds of resistance and hold the laser within 3 inch, 2 inch, and 1 inch targets for various amounts of time. The challenge tested user’s stamina and stability as the laser response displayed just how much muscle fatigue hinders steadiness and ultimately, shooting accuracy.

After taking the challenge, the muscles across my back and shoulders were screaming while I was attempting to steady the laser on the various targets. The final product also comes with a D-Loop attachment to allow users to practice with their mechanical releases as well as a threaded insert for weighted stabilizing attachments which will be sold separately.

accubow archery training device

The AccuBow is a great tool for anybody wanting to improve their skills, from beginners to experts, the adjustable resistance technology allows everyone to benefit from training. Whether you want to practice proper archery mechanics, strength train your archery muscles or just want to practice steadying your aim for hunting season, the AccuBow might be a great product for you. AccuBow plans to start taking online pre-orders in February at and release the product to the public in late spring.


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  1. If you want to be accurate at any distance with a traditional bow and can’t spend a few hours a week loosing arrows the accubow is perfect for keeping your skills sharp. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get serious about archery whether you’re shooting a brand new $3,000 compound bow or a homemade bow made from PVC pipe. Having good equipment means nothing if your body and mind aren’t constantly trained to draw, hold, aim and loose. The accubow will let me keep my skills sharp even when I can’t get out and shoot.

  2. I bought from manufacture and although they have a 14 day return policy it goes off your date of purchase. Since I did not the the accubow for 11 days there was no way I could return within the policy time. I contacted them 9 days after I received accubow and they would not accept my return. Accubow is poorly manufactured. Shooting it feels nothing like a bow. The app did not work and phone holder is a horrible fail. Give your money to a stranger on the street and you will get more out of it.