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Since its invention in the 5th century BC, the crossbow has come a long ways. Allowed in many states for hunting deer and other animals, the crossbow is increasingly becoming the weapon of choice of many sportsmen. As user restrictions (age, disability) are being lifted in many states, the sale of crossbows has drastically increased. This trend has also led to an increase in crossbow manufacturers leaving many hunters with what seems to be infinite choices. With so many choices, finding out who makes the best crossbow can be quite the challenge.

What is the best crossbow of 2017?

This is a great question. Depending on what factors are deemed important, choices may vary. Is speed your thing? If so, the Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme, which has been clocked at 440 FPS, may be one you want to try. Is a crossbow with a quiet shot what you desire? Then you might want to check out the SA Sports Beowulf crossbow. Please browse our report on the crossbows and crossbow accessories that we checked out at the ATA Show 2017 in Indianapolis, IN to see what crossbow might be right for you.

Stryker Katana Crossbow 

Excalibur Crossbows and Stryker Crossbows (both owned by Bowtech) both have new models available for 2016 that should be in the running for best crossbows of 2017.

Excalibur Crossbows has released the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400. The 2017 Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 recurve style crossbow weighs in at 6.2 lbs, has a draw weight of 280 lbs and delivers speeds up to 400 FPS!

A couple of crossbows from Stryker Crossbows available in 2017 are the Katana and the Solution LS. The Stryker Katana weighs in at 6.5 lbs, has a draw weight of 155 lbs and delivers speeds up to 385 FPS. This quiet and efficient 35 inch crossbow should be a popular choice for crossbow enthusiasts in 2017.

Click here to check out the current price on the Stryker Katana.

best crossbow 2016

The Stryker Katana

The Stryker Solution LS is another premium crossbow in the Stryker lineup. Just a little heavier than the Katana (+ 0.4 lbs) the Solution LS has a draw weight of 155 lbs and delivers bolts at an impressive 390 FPS.

Click here to check out the price on the Stryker Solution LS Crossbow.

stryker crossbows

The Stryker Solution LS

Browning 162

In 2016, Browning Crossbows is offering the OneSixOne and the OneSixTwo. The OneSixOne has a mass weight of 7.2 lbs, a draw weight of 135 lbs and delivers speeds up to 350 FPS. The Browning OneSixOne utilizes Browning’s Triggertech anti-dry fire trigger that allows shooters to squeeze off shots with 3 lbs of pressure. Upgrade this crossbow with Browning’s concealed crank cocking device and this attractive crossbow is going to be tough to beat.

Check out the price on the OneSixTwo Crossbow.

The turbo charged, 7.2 lb Browning OneSixTwo comes ready to hunt right out of the box. The OneSixTwo has a higher draw weight of 145 lbs, delivers bolts up to 370 FPS and comes in a very nice custom fitted hard case. Already sighted in with included custom bolts, the Browning OneSixTwo comes equipped with Browning’s crank cocking device making it very attractive for those who want a complete package right out of the box. These two bows will definitely be in the running for the best crossbow of 2017.

browning crossbows

The Browning OneSixTwo

Inferno Flame

New for 2017 is the Inferno Scorch and the Inferno Flame crossbows. Weighing in at 7.5 lbs, the Inferno Scorch has draw of 185 lbs and delivers bolts at a respectable 390 FPS. This complete package comes with a premium 4×32 multi reticle illuminated scope, quick detach quiver with 4 bolts (with 100 grain tips), a rope cocking device, assembly tools, and a padded sling.

The slightly heavier (7.85 lb) Inferno Flame comes equipped with the similar accessories as the Inferno Scorch, has a draw weight of 185 lbs, and delivers bolts up to 385 FPS. The Inferno lineup will be one to try out if you are in search of the best crossbow of 2017.

To check out the price on the Inferno Flame Crossbow click here.

Inferno Crossbows

The Inferno Scorch

MXB Sniper Lite

New for 2017 is the Mission Archery MXB Sniper Lite crossbow. This easy to cock and impressively light (5.96 lb) crossbow has a draw weight of 150 lbs and delivers bolts up to 310 FPS.

mission crossbows 2016

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite

Designed for accuracy, the MXB Sniper Lite is offered in a two-tone stealth concealment finish and utilizes the patent pending Smart Guide Cable Slide which dramatically reduces downward pressure on the cables and cams resulting in less torque thus improving accuracy. Retailing at $599, this crossbow will be very popular in 2017.

To check the price on the Sniper Lite, click here.

Parker Hurricane Crossbow

New for 2017 is the American made Parker Hurricane crossbow. The 7.5 lb Hurricane has a draw weight of 160 lbs and deliver bolts up to 380 FPS. This speedster features a full picatinny rail and an aluminum barrel allowing the mounting of virtually any accessory imaginable. The package, which has a lifetime warranty, includes a sling, red hot arrows, string suppressors, quiver, and a multi-reticle scope for $899 retail.

To check the price on the Parker Hurricane, click here.

parker crossbows

The Parker Hurricane

PSE RDX 400 Crossbow

New for 2017 is the supercharged, 7.9 lb PSE RDX 400 crossbow. The 39 inch long RDX 400 has a draw weight of 165 lbs and delivers bolts up to 400 FPS (with a 400 grain bolt). The PSE RDX 400 package includes string stops, an illuminated scope, an anti-dry fire trigger, a five bolt quiver, 3 bolts, 3 100 grain points, a 22 inch discharge bolt, a neoprene sling, a deluxe case, a speed loader cocking device, cocking rope and a foot stirrup. For more information, visit their website at

To check the price on the PSE Dream Season RDX Crossbow click here.

PSE Crossbows

The PSE RDX 400 Crossbow

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX

New for 2017 is the TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX crossbow. The 7.8 lb Carbon Nitro RDX has a draw weight of 165 lbs and administers 122 foot pounds of kinetic energy at speeds up to 385 FPS (370 grain arrow). The 34.25 inch long Carbon Nitro RDX presents a 10 inch axle to axle length when cocked and should be a big hit in 2016.

To check the current price of the TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX, click here.

tenpoint crossbows 2016

The TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX crossbow

Velocity Justice Crossbow

While not offering any new models for 2017, Velocity Crossbows did showcase their proven model of 2015, the Velocity Justice. The 8 lb Velocity Justice has a draw weight of 185 lbs, a total length of 36 inches and fires bolts at a speed of 370 FPS.

To check the current price of the Velocity Justice crossbow, click here.

velocity crossbows

The Velocity Justice crossbow

What crossbow are you going to try for 2017?

We hope our coverage of the crossbows at the 2017 ATA Show has helped you narrow down your choices. We physically couldn’t cover all the crossbow manufacturers, but plan to increase our crossbow coverage at next year’s ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Until then, keep checking our website for our new crossbow section and happy hunting!


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