World’s Fastest Archer Puts on a Show


arrowsThis guy, Lars Andersen a.k.a. the world’s fastest archer, is just amazing and this video is pretty damn cool.

The technique he uses is something that I would have never thought of. Lars Andersen has spent quite a bit of time researching the ancient art of archery and perfecting the ancient style of “speed shooting.” His style of shooting and speed shooting setup, used before the invention of firearms, really shows how today’s modern archers are different from archers of the past.

Techniques of the World’s Fastest Archer

The main technique Lars Andersen uses, as the world’s fastest archer, is the holding of additional arrows in his shooting hand (hand that draws the bowstring) and shooting the arrow on the shooting hand’s side of the bow. This means he is drawing back the bow with arrows in the hand he is holding the string with. He sets the arrow on the arrow shelf on the same side of the bow as his drawing hand, which in his case is his right hand. This is all done in the name of speed.

Its great to see the results of his research and practice in the video below. Truly an unbelievable talent.

Lars Andersen a.k.a. “The World’s Fastest Archer”


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