Archery Knots – How To Tie Serving Knot

The main archery knots an archer will use are the D Loop and the “serving knot”. The D Loop is the “D” shaped cord which is tied to the bow string at the nocking point providing the archer with the best possible place to attach his or her release aid. For instructions on tying the D Loop, click here.

The other main archery knot is what we call the “serving knot.” This knot is used above and below the peep sight, used on a drop away rest’s cord when attaching it to the downward cable, and is very closely related to how a bow string’s serving is tied in.

How To Tie Archery Knots

1. With a good at least a foot of braided musky line or serving line, start looping back over the line. Spiral back over the line at least 4 times. After the 4 or more wraps, we will be now moving the dormant straight line out of the way

archery knots 1archery knot 2archery knot 3

2. Now we will wrap over our “loop” at least 4 times.

archery knot 4archery knot 5archery knot 6

3. After the four or more wraps, we can thread our “working end” through the loop and pull through to the knotting point.

how to tie an archery knotarchery knot for peep sightarchery knotstop knot
compound bow knotarchery knot picture

5. With both ends of the line at the center of the knot, pull to tighten the knot to the bowstring. With our serving knot tight, we can finish it off with two square knots. To secure the square knots, carefully melt the ends and push them into the remainder of the knot for a good set.

archery knot tyingcompound bowarchers knotpeep loop knotbow string knotburn the knotmelt knotfinish stop knottying archery knots

The serving knot, if installed correctly, should grab very tightly on the string and not slip. To remove a serving knot, very carefully cut the string’s melted knot with your knife blade parallel to the bow string or cable. Cut a little at a time. Once you cut through the knot, you should be able to work the rest of the knot off the bow string.

Peep Sight Archery Knot Video With A Large Rope

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Archery Knot Without Using A Loop

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